Stay with us :)

Boy can it get busy and make you loose track of time. School has officially started for the oldest and I’m trying to find a working schedule with the two ‘little’ ones.

Luckily for me I can lay them both down and get some things done, like pee, laundry and all the other fun things stay at home moms or dads do. Shockingly it’s not sitting on the couch drinking out wine 😋. So many blogs I want to write and sooner or later I will make that happen. 

It’s important to shedule in some ‘me time’ and as of late I haven’t really got the chance to do so. But we are working on it lol.

Anyways don’t think I forgot about the blog, it will get better once we figure out a writting shedule lol. I will explain more about everything in later blog posts.

Stay with us! So many more funny stories to come and a chance to win a scavenger hunt 🙂

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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