Well we have been in our new home for a little over a week. We love it! We enjoy having the space, and even though everything is new we are excited to get around and get to know our neighbors and surroundings.

Having a long weekend has helped put everything in it’s place. We aren’t completely there yet, but it is doable šŸ™‚

We decided from the get go that we would have the movers put all the big and heavy stuff in their spots but leave the boxes in the garage. With 3 kids and a dog, we needed the breathing room. This was a great decision as when we would come home we weren’t greeted by boxes but simply a (unfinished) house. 

The kids are super happy with their rooms and having their things back. Pip loves being able to run in the yard and play with her toys, and I am just happy I have my own space, to decorate as I wish lol.

We also got the safety gates made and put in, and I must say, even though it took a lot more than anticipated, they turned out awesome!!!

Anyways, moving with all kids at home was challenging to say the least. Unpacking was simply impossible. So if you do decide to move, make sure your kids have playdates or camp haha. 

Here are some tips we learned;

* mark your moving boxes, specific. Instead of ‘kitchen’ add what is in when you have them in the garage it’s easier to grab the boxes you need.

* get movers a day after you get the key if you can, this gives you an opportunity to clean your house exactly how you want. Yes you do need to clean again after movers,but atleast drawers and closets are clean.

* let your pet (if you have one) roam the entire house, even the places they aren’t going to be aloud, this gives them a feeling for the whole house. This helped with the jitters in Pip.

* let the kids run wild while it is empty, they have so much fun doing it.

* breath, and let go. It’s not possible to get everything done in one day, just like it didn’t take you one day to pack.

We are adjusting, and ready to be settled completely. We will get there šŸ˜‰

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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