Happy Fathersday

As many of you know it has been a trying past year for us, and especially these last couple of months have been hard on me.

But with 3 kiddos there is no other option than to keep going :). It’s been super hard to write blogs, as I really don’t have energy during or at the end of a day. (Or the quit time needed!)

This Friday we get to move though! A house of our own again, getting our things out of storage and making the place our own. I can not wait. Many emotions come with this though, and i’m sure I will write about that when the time comes. 

We will have a space with a computer again so I can sit and write, wohoooo! So hopefully I can catch you guys up in our lives and write about the funny things thay are happening. Maybe even write about the many subjects that have been on my mind.

Either way I hope everyone is having an fantastic Fathersday. We are lucky we get to enjoy a gorgeous day with dad AND grandpa! 

Will write again soon.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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