‘Snow storm’

Almost exactly two years ago, I found myself in the exact same scenario. Snow was starting to fall and everyone was like ‘nah nothing will come of this’. WRONG! So many people stranded, a 15 minute drive took 7 hours! And believe it or not there are worse stories out there. Kids stranded at school or in school busses on the highway.

State of emergency, yeah a little to late. When you tell all people to go home from wherever they are you are asking for a grid lock, not that they have learned from this either, but anyway.

Today another ‘State of Emergency’, they call these out alot faster now because nobody want to risk it. Schools close early and at home you stay.

So made sure I have all the necessary things in the house, because let’s face it, that never changes.

Even though it sucks in a way, it also makes me happy. I remember two years ago and this happend, luckily the husband and oldest got home finally (he should have listened to me, but not holding any grudges). This was the first of two and we had a blast. Snowballs, snowmen, sledding. It was our last snow as the 3 of us.

A couple weeks later there was another one, I ended up being stuck in the hospital after just having our second child. Unfortunately the insurance did not let me stay safe in the hospital, so the husband had to come and get us through the ice and snow and sleet.

You can imagine how happy that would make any new mom. Somehow we made it home, after picking up the oldest on the way home.

We were ‘stuck’ at home for a couple days and it was magical. Everything white, and just enjoying being the 4 of us.

So long story short, the snow really brings back alot of good memories too for me 🙂

If you are in the storm affected areas, stay warm and enjoy it as much as you can. Just like most I like it for a day and then i’m over it 🙂

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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