Questions, lots of questions!

I am really not a mean person, I genuinely care about others.  I believe the good in every person. Get told I am ‘too nice’ more than once. I don’t mind, it comes natural, so really no work is needed. I teach my children to be the same way, to respect and love everyone.

Now, lately that has been very hard…Here is why:

On an average day we go out, we meaning me and the 3 kids, to the grocery store, library, where ever we ‘have’ to be. Do I always need to? Well No. Do I want to? Yes, because I WILL go stir crazy! I don’t like to sit still, simple as that. This way the kids get out of the house also so win-win.

Trying to get all 3 in the car, or even going to the car, takes TIME. Lots and lots of time…BUT we make it to the car, open the doors and by now let the two oldest climb in and close the door (for now), This way I can buckle the youngest in and they don’t all freeze to death. Check the straps and on to the next. Climb in and buckle the middle one up. Check the oldest, without her knowing of course, because 6 1/2 year olds do not need help, mom! (alrighty then). So by the time (that word again) I am in the driver seat, I am thinking to myself: “Why? Do we really have to go? Should I just drive around and come home? Well whatever, we are in the car so might as well go? Crap forgot the list. Really need to work on putting it into my phone.” And the thoughts go on and on.

Anyways, this is not the hard part! Because, let’s just face it, this is all part of it…

We get to the destination (wherever we go that day).
The youngest goes in the (single) stroller, and the middle one goes in the cart and the oldest will walk.  DO NOT let your almost 2 year old walk, because you will regret it haha, keep telling yourself that too no matter how cute they look at you ;). IF we happen to go to a store with one of those bigger carts we will use those. They seem to not mind that one at all.

This is where all the questions start:

  1. Do you need help putting it together? (usually men, and no I do this daily so I’m good thanks. Although many people have ‘issues’ with this stroller so sometimes for the heck of it I wanna just say Sure!)
  2. You sure have your hands full, with some sort of a stink eye….
  3. They are so cute, can I take them home? proceeding to get very close to the youngest and freak her out…Thanks needed a screaming baby…The remainder of the time I’m on even higher allert..
  4. What are there ages? 6, almost 2 and almost 1.
  5. Do they have the same father? WTF is this to you??
  6. You had difficulty in between huh? Uhm no I simply didn’t think we were ready for a while…
  7. I had a hard time getting pregnant, I have a lot of angel babies. What do you say to this? I am sorry doesn’t seem the right thing but it’s all I can come up with… And on a side note: Just because I have 3 doesn’t mean you just have to assume, just like you don’t want me to assume. Everyone has their story, doesn’t mean that is how we make small talk. Also that was not my fault (or yours) so quit trying to make me feel guilty…
  8. Are all 3 yours?  Yes
  9. Well you sure have been busy! Not really just some fantastic sex…
  10. Do you not know how that happens?  Yes I do, see answer above
  11. You should learn to keep your knees closed… this is where I need to keep telling myself I do not want to go to jail.
  12. How old are you? ….
  13. You are blessed, enjoy it now. Before you know it they are going to turn into teenagers… Fully aware thank you.
  14. God blessed you. Nope once again just sex..
  15. Why is there so much age in between the oldest and the two youngest? Oldest standing right here… But it’s easy to answer thank you for being so rude. Because we were enjoying her that much! (followed by the question: really mom? Yes honey really!)
  16. O accident? Pointing to the youngest…. I do not want to see a jail cell..



There are so many more I cannot even think of right now. I know most people mean well, and it doesn’t bug me as long as your not so snobby about it. Especially in front of my kids, they hear it all and when you are simply being mean it is not fair to them.

I can’t change the way your life is, just like you cannot change mine. We all have different paths in life and that is ok. It makes us who we are. But lets try to be the best version of ourselves.

Here are some links to other  similar stories, it’s nice to know I am not alone :), Make sure to check them out!

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  1. I’m still giggling about the answers you put for #9,10 and 13 and all the jail comments! Thanks for the laughs, this was a fun read!


  2. People are cruel, and even worse is that they can be so self-centered they don’t even realize they are being cruel. If I had a dollar for every time I was told that I’m not a REAL mom or was asked if I’m ever going to have my own kids I would be rich.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can imagine! People are cruel, and want to know all of your business, even though they have no right to. You are a ‘real’ mom, if there even is such a thing. I don’t believe it should be defined by DNA only, but by actions. If that makes sense.


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