Enjoying the little things

I’m sitting here, listening to Thomas on the TV. The youngest is playing (and screaming) in her playpen. The rain keeps coming down outside, so no outside play today.

Soon it will be time for a nap and I can do all the chores. The messes can wait. Right now I am just enjoying the fun they are having.  They are talking to eachother, no language we can understand.

The oldest is off to school, and the middle keeps asking if we are going in the car to pick her up already. He loves his sisters.

Somedays you just need that joy, even if it’s short lived.  Life has its ups and downs , and especially with the many downs we endured and still are enduring, it’s amazing to see the kids happy. To know that through it all, they are more than ok.

I have come to appreciate the little things. Christmas was great, no problem that they didn’t have 60 packages each (which is totally cool if you do that btw), they where spoiled still. Loved seeing their faces 🙂



New year, new adventures! Or so we hope haha. It has to get better, and we need to adjust. You live and you learn. Well learning we have (and more to go), now comes the living!

Just remember to enjoy the little things. Not just when times are bad, but anytime. And as Ellen Generes always says: ‘Be kind to one another’.
Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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