Kate is 1!

One year ago my oldest sister
texted me and said that she thinks she was in labor. She was a couple of days past her due date and we were all anxiously awaiting my niece her arrival. 
It was a loooong night for me, I was so nervous and even though I couldn’t be there physicaly, I wanted to be there as much as possible. So it being in the middle of the night for us, we texted away. 
Her water had broke and the pain was unberable. I couldn’t help but giggle occasionsly at the phone and say ‘told ya’, not to be a smart *ss but for her to finally understand what the heck I was talking about. 
Her being in Holland it goes a little different, but she did end up going to the hospital and had my gorgeous niece there. 
When I got that first picture, o man, it is just undescribeable. I have said it before,(read my blog about Kate)  I never knew what my sister felt and now I do! 
This past year I got to see her once, 3 weeks during the summer. Too short, but what fun we had. We both see each other through a phone screen, but the laughs and bites and smiles I get are just as precious. 

(Photos courtesy of @MamavanKate)

She is one (in Holland) and this proud aunt is a little sad she is not there to help her smash her cake! 
Hou van je Kate-je, heel heel veel dikke knuf van ons 🙂 
Peace and Chicken Nuggets! 
Side note: for privacy reasons we don’t use full pictures of our kids 🙂


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