DIY Teacher Christmas gift



This year we made our own teachers gift. We could have joined the pot, but I usually enjoy making these things, so decided to make our own.

All you need is:

-A popcorn tin (bought ours at Walmart)
– Popcorn (bagged from the tin)
– Hot chocolate
– Teachers favorite drink (in our case Dr.Pepper)
– Brownie mix
– Candy cane (filled one with M&M’s or other)
– Ribbon
– Card
– tissue paper


I started by dumping out all of the popcorn, and ziplock -ing the caramel popcorn, to use for later.
Lucky for us we had our room parent sent out a flyer that had all the teachers favorite things. That’s why we picked what we did, but it really is up to you of course.


Anyways I cleaned the tin, and made sure it was dry, and filled it with tissue paper and neatly put in all the items. Wrote the card and tied it around the tin. As a nice touch I put on a bow.

You can also wrap it in see through paper to make it a little different, but either way this was an affordable and thoughtful present.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!





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