The kids are all moving up in their lives. It is crazy how you keep seeing them as babies, yet every time they do something new you ‘celebrate’.

The oldest is 6, and seeing her now it is amazing how much she has grown. How all of the sudden they are kids. No more babying them, shopping for big kids clothes. Her telling me what is cool and what is not. Boy crushes, girl crushes. It goes on and on. She is going to be a handful when she becomes a teenager, as she is already talking about driving her car. She is going to the car dealer ship and ‘just buy it’. I wanna see that!

She is amazing though, through all this and being a big sister to two babies. It has to be hard, they do things she wouldn’t get away with. Sometimes you forget she is ONLY 6. Understanding how her brother and sister don’t have to put the condiments up, yet she does. They don’t make their bed, but she has too. It is hard to explain to her.

She is incredibly intelligent, and makes A’s on everything, I am not exaggerating. Lucky girls doesn’t even have to study! I have looked into special programs, she is just a little to young for now. Her school does not have a gifted program unfortunately so I don’t really know what else to do or where else to look. But she is happy so I am not making a big deal about it. I just think it is something amazing how she loves school, and how good she is at it. I truly have her amazing school to thank for that.

She is funny, dramatic, ‘coocoo’, and lovable with a hearth of gold, wouldn’t trade her for the world! Her brother (the giant) is starting to compile words together and makes sentences, this will be entertaining for now, until he won’t stop talking hahaha. He call everyone ‘coocoo’ and knows what he want. Gets aways with most of it too.

He is a little character, a Sour Patch Kid is what the husband calls him. He will do something he shouldn’t and then hug or kiss you right after. You , almost, forget about what he did to begin with. He is great though can’t wait to see him grow up as well.

The youngest, o where to start with her. She LOVES her siblings, her brother and her have a language together that no one understands but them. I am not kidding, where ever we are they will ‘talk’ to each other and then burst out laughing. All you are left with is, ‘what where they laughing about?’, Who where they laughing at?,  Was he telling a joke?, and the list goes on. It is super cute to see though.

Other then that she is starting to crawl forward finally, she sits up and speaks a couple words. She just never wants to ‘chill’, someone always has to hold her and even then she is not ok with it. She seriously want to walk and go places. I think I will be in deeper trouble with this one than the other two, she her mind made up and there is no way to change it.

So overall all kids are doing great and exactly as they should, mom and dad on the other hand are losing their marbles (or have lost them), but then again that might be exactly as it should be too haha. Life just keeps going and everyday we try to put one foot in front of the other. Raising our babies with respect and manners. We will get into politics and all that when they are a little older ;).

That is it for today I think, Hope you all have a marvelous weekend and get to spend some time with your loved ones. We will be laying wreaths this Saturday with  Wreaths Across America (  and running a 5K! (Sleighbells on the Square) but I will write about that next week.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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