When the kids get sick

This past week the two youngest had been sick. Little man started and past it along to his younger sister. First time for both to be sick, and hopefully the last for a while, because this mom can’t handle it!

I hate seeing my kids sick. The worry if I am doing everything to get them to feeling better. The doubt when I give them Tylenol, to much? Not enough? Do they really need it? I hope it doesn’t get worse, and if it does what do we do?

It is an ongoing battle, my husband calls me a little ‘coocoo’ as our son would say. He might be right, but I say it is a mothers thing :).

It all began when our son woke up in the middle of the night, screaming his head off. This is very unusual for him, as he loves his sleep. Well him and his little sister share a room so there was no other choice but to pick both up.

It really never dawned on me he could be sick. He is almost two and never has been sick, with the exception of the common cold. So once I grabbed him, and felt his soaking wet clothes, I knew something was up.

After checking his temperature (102.5 F/39C) and realizing he did need Tylenol, downstairs we went. All he wanted was his mommy, just cuddling and eventually sleeping with. He was miserable and it broke my heart. So next morning off to the doctor we went.

As we were at the doctors, he was already back to normal in a sense so that gave me comfort. The Doc told me it was Hand, Foot and Mouth. Just a virus…. Well then, yay!

Couple days later the youngest got it and that was awful! Nothing to do with mom or dad or sleep for that matter. So some long nights, but luckily got better.

I spoil them when they are sick, give them an extra cup of juice or a piece of chocolate. Extra cuddles instead of naps. Maybe I spoil myself in stead of them, as I get to cuddle and all of it. When they are sick they let me hold them and everything. When they are well they just want to go, go, go!

Needless to say we all survived.
What do you do when your kid(s) are sick?


Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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