It has been a while since I last wrote. I have not had the inspiration or sanity to sit down and actually write. Life has been so hectic that I am to exhausted. Good news is the husband found a temporary job and he will start next week. There is hope for the future and getting out of this big hole.

Times like these are extremely scary and I don’t ever want to be in this position again. You live and learn they say.

On another note, the kids keep us busy with school (and it’s projects) and the two young ones, days get away from me. It is so rewarding to see their smiling faces, to know they are happy is great!

The oldest and I took a trip to Colorado this past weekend. My (host) dad turned 70, so as a surprise my (host) family flew us out. Boy was he surprised, and we weren’t even the only surprise! Surprise party and more surprise family. It was a fantastic weekend.

Lots of friends and family, and laughter! I haven’t laughed that much in ages. Just good to be home. Missed the remainder of the family, but was some nice ‘mommy and me’ time for the oldest.  Lots of pop and no bed time. Just fun. Both of us are exhausted now, but well worth it.

She, as the city girl she is, did so much. Riding horses, feeding cows etc., shooting guns, and being able to play outside without supervision (or so she thought 😉 ) It was a joy to see. She even made ‘new’ friends! 


Any who, lots of fun for a couple of days and now back to reality. Hopefully I will have some more time to write more soon!

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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