Kiinde, Foodii fruit pouches review

This past week we have been using the Kiinde Foodii’s.
We have been looking, as you may know, for fruit and veggies pouches for some time now. Researched many of them and even though they all are alike ended up with these. The main reason was price.

I bought the 20 pouches and the spout. This way the middle one can just slurp from it like he would any other pouch. Makes breakfast time so much easier and cleaner. With the youngest I can simple squeeze a little bit out and pour it on the spoon. The also have a spoon that adapts on there, but I didn’t feel the need for that.

IMG_7465 (1)IMG_7509

So after going to Kroger and getting all the fruits and veggies, most where on sale by the way, we where ready. Once the kids where in bed, we could start puree-ing and filling the pouches. I had already cooked most of the veggies during the day so they where ready to go.


I did not plan any combinations ahead of time, figured I would puree first and then once all was done we could mix and match. That worked out well, and that says a lot from me because I pre plan everything. I am a No. 1 List maker. But timing and life kinda caught up so we just ‘winged’ it. Once we made a combo, we would pour it into a pouch.

This worked well, but I would recommend a funnel or the Foodii Filler. Saves a lot of time. When your mixture flows easily it is no big deal, but other wise it can get messy (and wasteful!) especially when you are by yourself. (Thank you Husband lol)


So once they where all made, we put them in the freezer. Every night I get two out and by morning they are almost completely defrosted. If I forget (big chance) I will boil some water and let it sit in that, and within 5 minutes they are defrosted. So that is a big plus!

So the pro’s and con’s:


  • Easy to fill
  • Ability to write on them (date and what is in them)
  • Lids close perfect (I would feel very comfortable to put them in my purse/diaper bag)
  • They stand alone OR lay flat. Which is great when filling and freezing
  • When using it with the spout, it comes out easily (no spills on side, or needing to press real hard)
  • Spout is big enough for toddler
  • It holds 6 oz!
  • Perfect for in your bag



  • Technically not reusable
  • Not microwave-able (most aren’t BUT hot water really works well)


I have not used any other pouch system, so I can compare to any other than what I read as well. These where just available and cost wise better for our budget. So far I love them. They are working in our favor, so I would recommend this for sure. As always do your research, these are our opinions, we are in no way paid for this.

It is a good feeling knowing the kids get all of the vitamins out of these and nothing has been added to them.  I hope this helps whomever is looking for opinions from others.

As always feel free to leave comments, or if you ever want to hear from any other product we might have used.





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