Firehouse 21 on PirateDay


Today we got up and dressed up as pirates! Not my personal favorite BUT we were on a mission. Get 5 dozen free doughnuts so we can give them out to our beloved firemen and policemen. Krispy Kreme has this annually on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19 each year). You dress up like a pirate and get a free dozen doughnuts (talking like one, gets you 1 free doughnut).

The kids where really excited, with their homemade shirts, hooks and eye patches. So after breakfast off we went, the youngest oblivious to it all, but the giggles where going strong in the car.

We actually went to two Krispy Kreme’s. Not to milk the cow but we thought our attire was good enough ( I mean I don’t have full blown pirates outfits in my closet for every person in my family, do you?). We had 3 things or more each, including baby. Thats what the rules stated. But according to the manager not good enough so we got one dozen. Well, that would not be enough for our mission to share these with our local firemen and policemen (which I tried to explain, but from the sound of the scared to death employees, there was no reasoning with this manager).

So we left the first one, and tried to explain to our oldest that it is ok, one will be ok and we will try at the other Krispy Kreme, and if that would fail we would bring one, as we where sure they would be more than happy that she cared.  Lots of families where there and all thought the gesture was so nice. I got asked multiple times what the heck I was gonna do with that many doughnuts. When I would explain they though it was awesome too. Heck maybe I gave people an idea for next time ;).

We arrived at the other Krispy Kreme, and the people where more friendly here (not by much but still) and gave us 3 boxes! So the day was saved. We would have enough and the fire and policemen did not have to share ;).  After some wardrobe adjustments, we headed over to the fire station.


Our closest station is Number 21, I know we have many more around us, but that is the one we pass the most. Trust me if we had the opportunity, we would be making this an all day event and go around all precincts. Yet I got informed our budget (read: lack of money) would not allow it.

So we walked up to the building and rang the doorbell at the Fire Department. Not knowing what to expect, as this was my first experience going to a fire station as well. Low and behold, ALL the firemen opened the door and welcomed us and the doughnuts with open arms. The oldest was shocked hihi. She was actually quiet, which is rare, but opened up some eventually.

This is so American I think, as I was a little nervous and didn’t know if it would be appreciated, they just automatically showed the kids (and us) around and did not care they where there at all. I mean they could have been catching up on sleep, enjoying some ‘down’ time or anything else than show us around, yet they did not show it. They all showed the kids around, and they got hats and badge stickers. Even a picture what you would look like as a firemen.


It was very much appreciated on my part, I felt humble and I know the two oldest enjoyed it so very much. The middle one even waved and screamed “Hi” when we past them later that day. So all that work of getting some free doughnuts paid off! We had a great experience, and I would like to thank these brave men for making my kids’ day!

The remainder of the day they played with their hats, even played out in the yard with them. It was cute.  I have been trying to show our kids that even though life is tough right now, you can still be kind and show others that you care. Life is hard enough as it is.



Peace and Chicken Nuggets!

P.S. We took all doughnuts to the Fire department side, but I’m sure they shared ;). Also I have more pictures of us at the fire station but for personal reasons don’t want to share full face pictures of the kids :).


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