Cape Day

Yesterday was cape day and off course we joined in to celebrate the little superhero’s fighting these god awful deceases. All 3 kids had a beautiful cape, our oldest making her own. She had a little bit of help from mom and dad, but still she was super proud to be wearing it.

(Here is a link to the story behind Cape Day: )IMG_7187

When I found out that it would be Cape Day, I wanted to order the capes from CHOA. Unfortunately they sold out super quick but posted a flyer with how to make your own. It has been a while since I used the sowing machine, but we got to work.

The oldest was more than happy with Dad’s old T-shirt, and even got to paint on it to make it more ‘her’.  We started over the weekend so it had enough time to dry, and the end result was awesome.


After posting the picture on Instagram, I noticed that the AJC had a post that you could email them the picture and they would post it on their website. The lady that contacted me was super nice, and I told her the oldest would be soooo excited.

Well she was, she couldn’t believe she ‘made the news’. So yesterday was a very good day. Lucky for us our kids are healthy, but we know there are so many that are fighting for their lives. So if we can help bring awareness in this simple way, we are all for it.

On to the next Cape Day we say!

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!

P.S. The main picture.. well I laid the youngest down to take a picture of her and her cape.. that’s when the other two decided to lay with her as well. Of course with my (horrible) Iphone, I was to late to get the ‘right’ picture. It was just too cute not to share 😉


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