East Cobber Festival

Today we took the two youngest to the East Cobber Parade and Festival. We have heard about it and driven by it, but had never actually been. So today we laid them down to nap a little earlier so we could head on down to the Church’s parking lot.

Not really knowing what to expect, we walked up to the entrance. The  School of Rock was in charge of the live entertainment. They did a great job, fantastic band performance!
It had many booths with fantastic vendors/businesses. We did not get to see all of them, but the ones we did meet and/or see where great!


As always the kids stole the show, nothing surprising there;) As mom I was talking to Kim Eilers of Mary Jane Clothing, you can find her on Facebook!, the kids where charming the remainder of the crowd. The Mary Jane Clothing was too cute, once things are looking up again we will be shopping for the two girls ;).

The weather was great, not too hot and humid today so that made walking around so much more enjoyable. We took a picture with a ninja turtle (thank you Shotokan Ultimate Karate &Fitness!) and we got to spin the wheel at Southern Comforts Consignments, and won some delicious tea!

We also got to meet Isabella from Isabella’s Pet Shop, and her mom. She makes bows and bowties for pet owners, and donates some of her profits to charity. Did I mention this fantastic girl is only 11 years old! She is truly gifted! She had a major health scare last year, but is already back to business. Helping others. Truly amazing!

We also got to enter to win an Ipad from Randy’s Painting Plus, they do pretty much anything; from painting your house, to siding and window washing. You name it he said, they do it! X-Drenaline East Cobb gave away Free 30 minutes of jumping so we will definitely go check them out next week or so, I am pretty sure the two oldest will love that!

We also stopped by Family Dog Training, to tell them about Pip. Maybe they can help us, in training us how to make her a better functioning dog. They said they could, so we will have to set up an appointment. Maybe there is hope after all haha.

There where a lot of booths for the grown ups but also lots, and I mean LOTS, of bouncy houses and things to do for the kids. They truly made sure it was a family affair. Speaking of affairs Bergstrom & associates are a full service family law firm, and they assured me they don’t just do divorces 😉 they also do wills, domestic partner agreements, traffic violations and so much more! So if you are in need of one, there is an option.


Among others, the East Cobb Business Association was there as well, and The Avenue too. They gave away and Ipad as well and also 30 Minute massages from the new Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa at the East Cobb Avenue. As you can imagine, I can not wait to use this one!

So what this blog post comes down to, is that we are going again to next year’s event! We had lots of fun and it was nice to have some relaxing family time together. Hope all of you have had an amazing Saturday as well!

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!

Side note: These are our opinions, we are not paid by anyone to write this. We write this because we think it is interesting, and it is something we like to have out there. If you do not agree with our view of things, that is OK, but then please unfollow us.


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