Good old fashioned snail mail

Today we got mail! No bills or anything else like that no actual fun mail!
My grandmother (Omi) sends our kids mail on a regular basis. It can range from post card to actual cards or full blown letters. I simply LOVE it! Heck I still get excited if I get a card in the mail.


The oldest, who tries her hardest to read it, actually knows it is for her and understands it. So when Omi tells Oma that she has put a card in the mail, she anxiously awaits it at the mail box. It is such a simple thing and it does not have to have much in it, just the gesture alone is magical.

You see, Omi is too old for the computer, let alone the Iphone. So FaceTime and things like that only happends when my sister is with her.  Even though she is there more often, schedules have to permit (and phone bills because of Data!) that we can arange this to happen. Omi is also very deaf, so that makes it harder as well.

Anyways, by her writting them from the moment they are born they grow up with receiving mail and grow a relationship that way. Our oldest when she sees her doesn’t act any different or shy for that matter. It is amazing!

It is so precious to know that she will go out, into town, and search the racks for the right card, for the right kid. It makes total sense to me, my husband not so much… I have to ‘connect’ with the card as well, it has to fit that person. Wether it is a birthday card or thank you note. It is a process.


So because we love getting (and sending) mail so much, we decided to start writting letters to the service men and women with Operation Gratitude. At first I thought it would be hard to comprehend for the oldest that it could brighten their day. It can be anyone overseas or a veteran or wounded warrior. But of course she suprised me and totally got the gesture and loved writing her letters and making her drawings.

It is a easy thing for her to do, with so much meaning behind it. It doesn’t matter if they write back or not, as long as it puts a smile on their face. As they know the joy it brought this ‘little’ 6 year old to make them.  After these go out we will make some more, as she is already preparing what she needs to write and draw :).


Even little man wanted to join in our fun, and he got busy ‘drawing’ his picture. I am sure whomever gets his drawing will laugh as that is the best a kid of about 18 months can do ;).

If you would like to write them as well, go to the website and follow the instructions! As usual feel free to leave comments 🙂

Piece and Chicken Nuggets!




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