Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you Proud to be Step for nominating our blog for a Liebster Award!


Our Answers: 

  1. We started this blog to write about all the things we experience as a family of 5 (plus dog) with two different kind of upbringings and countries, it is sometimes quit entertaining.
  2.  Our super power we would love to posses would be; flying. Being able to fly all over the world and go see family and friends all over would be amazing.
  3.  We are located in Georgia. In the beautiful United States of America.
  4. There are so many foods we would wanna eat all our lives, but a Frikandel (a Dutch food that is somewhat like a hotdog) would be the number one pick.
  5.  Our favorite hobby would be going for walks at the river and shopping at Target (without the kids!)
  6. Our dream career would be moving to the beach and having a research center with dolphins to be able to help autistic children.
  7. A favorite childhood memory for mom is: going on vacation with my family during summer break and being able to spend time all together.
  8. At this point, where we are at in our lives, we would want to see the future. Purely to see if everything turns around again and we will be ok. Other than that no, because we don’t think life would be fun then anymore when you already know the outcome.
  9. Our favorite place to go is Disney!
  10. As of right now we only own 1 dog (Pip), but we live with 3 🙂
  11. One of our life goals is to give our kids the best life possible, and to be able to enjoy seeing them grow into happy and respectful adults.

11 fun facts about us:

  1. We LOVE coffee!
  2. Mom has a weird obsession with pacifiers. So when the kids where born many (read ALOT) of them where bought. Then none (!) of the kids wanted anything to do with pacifiers.
  3. We love every animal, Mom even stops to have squirrels cross the street.
  4. Chocolate is a must have in our house (any age)
  5. The kids come first no matter what! (yes this makes mom and dad time very hard)
  6. When we go to the store for something specific (and without a list) we will come home with anything but that item.
  7. Lists are moms biggest help. Not on the phone but an actual paper list, without it she will come home with the wrong things.
  8. Our oldest wear mismatched socks by choice, and yes we let her ;).
  9. Overthinking is what we do.
  10. Pip has a crooked mouth so when she looks at you she always smiles!
  11. Peace and Chicken Nuggets is what mom always signs of with. This started when our oldest went to daycare. She loved chicken nuggets and when she would cry when we would drop her off, we would do the peace sign and she would scream through the halls ‘peace and chicken nuggets’ and it just stuck 🙂

Our Nominees are:

Mama van Kate

My Say So

Biz of Sports Blog 

And your questions:

  1. When did you decide to start writing a blog?
  2. Who are your biggest supporters?
  3. What do you love most about being a blogger?
  4. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
  5. What is your favorite spot to write?
  6. What would be a tip you have for others looking to start a blog?
  7. What is the most difficult thing about blogging?
  8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  9. What is the one thing you can not stand other bloggers writing about?
  10. How would you like to be able to promote your blog?
  11. What is the ultimate dream for your blog?


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