Explaining the world to a 6 year old

Our oldest is 6. ONLY 6, almost 7 if you would ask her. She is smart, too smart if you ask me, and very much a girly girl. I am super proud of her and wouldn’t change her for the world.  She overthinks things, and puts herself in those peoples shoes. She has that from me…

From an early age we watched the news every morning before school, important I thought, and still do. Now a days, I read the paper and tell her about things going on in the world. I can’t have her watch the news anymore, as hearing of people being killed became normal.

In The Netherlands we have the kids news. It comes on before the ‘adult’ news and explains what is going on in the world in a way for kids to understand. Luckily for us she can watch it here on the Ipad or computer.

The news gets so negative and dramatic, and for a child this becomes emotional, or any child for that matter, it is hard to process. Everything that is said they take literal, for instance we had to buy bread at Panera, because on the commercial they said it was healthier and better. It had to be true, she was one hundred percent convinced!

It’s amazing how their brain works, and how much they believe what people say is true. It doesn’t matter if it is or not. They say it,so it must be. It scares me, it made me realize how child predators manage to get these innocent children away.

When you have kids you (or maybe just me) think about how they are as a baby, and teenager/adult. I have never imagined how a child her age would  be… naive sure, but lets face it we talk about them being babies, and having the terrible twos, and then the age that they get to drive, but never how to explain life to little girls and boys.

We do our best, and sure that is all we can do, but sometimes you feel so helpless. She gives us questions that I sometimes don’t even know the answer too  (thank you Siri and Google!!). Today’s conversation was about lightning, lucky for me I knew the answer, but tomorrow who knows?!? We have covered many subjects already, from why we are at war to gay marriage, and I’m pretty sure we will cover them again and again.

Sooner or later she will read and hear about the Syrian boy that washed up ashore. For this exact reason, I didn’t let her watch the news tonight, I was not ready for those questions. The pictures hunted me all day, cried like a big baby seeing them. So I am not ignoring it, I’m just trying to find the right words to explain to her what happened, and what happens everyday!

She knows not everyone is as lucky as she is, they don’t have to live half a world away but everywhere and anywhere are those that are so much more unfortunate. She has a big heart and want to help so much, but right now there is not much we can do either. Once we are out of this ravine, we will be able, again, to do so much more.

Overall, I don’t know where this world is headed, but all I know is I can teach my children to be the best they can be. To respect each and  EVERY human being, to ALWAYS use your manners, and most importantly to love with all your being.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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