Noahs Ark

Today we visited Noahs Ark in Locust Grove, GA.  We went in thinking this was a small place with a couple of animals. We could not have been more wrong!!!

We took the unguided tour, this is from 12-3 on Tuesday-Saturday (they are closed to the public on Sunday and Monday). You get to walk around at your own pace and with the small kiddos that was great!

Well when you pull up, you pull into the parking lot/ reception area, it is incredibly clean! I mean so well maintained and they even had new construction going! The people there are incredibly friendly and truly do it for the animals.

After signing in and making our donation (because an unguided tour is FREE, they simply ask for a donation!!) we went in the sanctuary. The two oldest immediately took off. Peacocks, a cow and goat waiting on them. Gorgeous surroundings so their day was made. We did not know what other awesomeness was is store for us!

The weather was great! A little warm, but with a small breeze so we where in luck and most of it had shade.

We found some tigers, rescued from a circus, that where napping and, I tell you, they are so much bigger up close and you can see more of them than at the zoo! Amazing and gorgeous animals.

Across the bridge were BLT,the famous Bear, Lion and Tiger trio living together. The fact that it is possible blows my mind and my kids minds. Its so cool to see.

After watching all the many bears, tigers, monkeys, birds and emus, seeing the kids having the time of their lives, it hits you how simple life really can be. Love is within us from the moment we are born, hatred is tought.

These people, mostly volunteers, show how you can love all animals. But most importantly, all those animals show love to us. Thanks to places like this, these gorgeous cretures get a well deserved chance at life and we get a chance to see them and teach our kids to respect them.

Thank you Noahs Ark for the amazing time! You truly are a hidden gem.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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