We went to Target after school today. This is not rare, as the people working there know the kids by name… Seriously not kidding, when we or family members are without  the kids, they will ask and be bummed when they are not with us. Either way we shop there way to often! 

But as we are walking to the register I notice they are selling Trolls!  Man talk about a memory flash back. So after finding out how much they are, grabbed two and brought them home.

We used to play with these for hours and hours. Braiding the hair, undoing it and doing it again. They make them almost identical now, the hair is a little different but nothing major. 

The oldest was super excited, and couldn’t wait to get home. Soafter  opening them off she went and off the middle one went in his play pen. He laughed none stop and even shared with his cousin for a while. Now they are added to the (way to much) mixture of toys. 

Anyways, I just forget how fun and simple the most fun toys are and where. These trolls brought back some very fond memories and felt I needed to share :).

Peace and Chicken Nuggets! 


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