First day of school

We are back at it this week. First day of school has come and gone. After a long and nerve wrecking weekend we did it!

On Saturday Kate arrived, so this was also very exciting and exhausting. Waiting at the escalator she got more and more pale. After all it was past her bed time.  So when she finally made it up here, exhausted herself, she did give the oldest her one and only smile (little jealous :P).

Well Sunday was the first day (and very early morning for the moms) that she would meet her teacher and old and new friends. A little nervous she walked in but more at ease when we left. Her teacher did a scavenger hunt, who wouldn’t like that?!?
Lots of people, but we got to meet the teacher. She informed the oldest she loves root beer too! So that was great. (I can not stand it, her dad and herself are the only ones that like it, so far in our entire family)


So Monday morning, lunch and a dutch snack in the back pack, we were off to school. Also a root beer for her teacher :). It was a very quiet ride to school, as the nerves where building up. It was hard to ‘leave’ her, and just like her mom she had tears in her eyes too. I just hate how fast she is growing up. She is such and amazing kid, so smart and sweet and also a ‘hothead’ ( we will just blame that one on dad :P), but she will do great!

We made it a family afair. We dropped her off together and picked her up together. For us great for her a let down because she wanted to have her Tante there. Understandable off course. Either way the first day was a success! She likes her teacher and classmates so on to a great year!

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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