Mamaroo Review

The 4Moms Mamaroo

One word: Amazing!


When our oldest was born, we used one of the cheap bouncers and bounced her in it ALL-THE-TIME. She would only nap in there and no where else, so bouncing it was. I said over and over I need to invent something that makes it bounce itself… Well let’s just say I wish I had…

Once she had out grown her bouncer I came accross the amazing Mamaroo. Way to expensive for my liking, but so worth it! So when I found one on sale after we had our second, I bought it. He enjoyed it so much, and we did too! So when I found another one on sale I bought it for my sister as she was expecting my niece at the time.


You can use it until they are about 6 months, and let’s be honest that’s usually when they only wanna roll and/or sit up anyways. It is able to be put in different reclining positions, laying down and eventually sitting up. Then there are 5 different motions to it and 5 speeds. You can even hook your phone up to it. Now in the newest version, it connects by bluetooth so you can manage it from your phone!!!! As you can tell I have the older version… Still amazing though.

Our middle one loved it and slept in it occasionally, but mainly laid in it when I would cook and/or just needed to put him somewhere to attend to the oldest one. He outgrew it way too quickly. Our youngest loves it, she is not much of a napper (like her sister) and so she falls asleep in that more often than in her crib during the day.

So the pros and cons:


  • perfect for every age
  • reclining seat
  • bluetooth option (in new models)
  • songs
  • enough motion options to fit baby’s mood
  • great solution for when they are tired/fussy and need to sooth them.
  • Washable material
  • does not make too much sound
  • has entertaining plush toy balls
  • has an option for a newborn insert ( I never needed one)


  • I honestly can not think of one….

As usual these are our opinions, do your research and ask friends as well. Feel free to ask any questions.



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