We got Pip, our dog, when she was about 10 or 12 weeks. No one knows for sure because she and her litter mates where dumped shortly after they where born. We got her from a rescue group out of Marietta, GA called Mutt Maddness . They rescued the litter from the shelter and bottle fed them to health. Amazing!

So, this little black ball of fur was ours. Our oldest (only child at the time) was over the moon. She finally had a puppy. She would love on Pip like crazy. I have now fully realized that I know that was the best thing I could do for both of them!


It took some training, but eventually she did her business outside. We worked so she was home alone majority of the day, and with a puppy that can be disastrous. Pip was ‘perfect’, she loved it when we came home, but also loved it when we left for work haha. Peace and quiet I assume! She doesn’t sleep much at night, constantly guarding the kids, so she would nap/sleep when the house was empty. Now that we are home more often, she has a harder time haha.

Anyways, she has been raised in a crate so when she needs to have some time to herself she will lay in it and take a nap. The door stays open, so she is free to go in and out as she pleases. The kids have been thaught that, that is the dogs place and hers only. She would love to have them lay in there with her, don’t get me wrong, but Mom not so much haha.


She is the sweetest dog with kids, she will just sit there and take whatever the middle one has in store for her.  She loves getting his hugs, he will walk up to her with his hands ready to ‘tickle’ her. Our oldest will pretend she is one of her kids when she is playing teacher, its so cute. She loves the kids no matter what they do to her.


The only problem is her barking… She is so incredibly loud. Especially, when we are outside. When I walk her she just lunches herself at other dogs and acts all kinds of crazy. To others she might even look vicious. It does not help that she is black and ‘smiles’. Now we know that is a smile and not a sign of aggresion, but I understand how it may look.

When you pet her, and go over her shoulder, her mouth will go up into a smile. It is the funniest thing, and if she comes up to you and you are petting her and stop, she will give you the smile as in ‘PLEASE pet me some more’. She is just a little crazy. So when people come over and want to pet her I was always trying to explain and somewhat appologize. I have quit doing that, if you wanna pet her and you come over then expect to be ambushed by a dog that simply wants all of your attention and scratched behind the ear. I know she is not vicious, I mean she loves kids and people and now lives with 2 other dogs.

We have raised her in Dutch (yes she does understand English), so she knows when we are talking (read:yelling when she is in one of those crazy modes) to her. The more I take her with me the better she gets.. someday (far far away) she will be too old to walk with me and I will be wishing she was this young again :).



She is a great dog, she has taught the kids love for animals. It also shows them how to respect animals, big or small. And it doesn’t matter if they are happy or sad, her love is unconditional. I couldn’t ask for more, and we are happy she part of our crazy family.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!


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