Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller review

When we had our oldest, my sister bought a awesome stroller at Blokker in The Netherlands. The main reason it was awesome was because it was a steal and had a bassinet. This wasn’t as common to see back then as it is now. Anyways, it was a great stroller and lasted so much longer than anyone expected.


We took our oldest to the park in it daily and went on hikes with it. In the car, out the car, grocery store, up to the apartment, down the stairs at the apartment. I mean you name it we did it.  Then I bought the Maxi-Cosi Foray stroller… BIG MISTAKE, that thing was not able to do anything except go to the grocery store.



Maxi-Cosi Foray Stroller

So when we had our second, I thought for sure I would be able or was going to buy a new awesome stroller. I didn’t. Way too much money, I didn’t want to spend, when I still had the other two strollers around. Yes, the one from Holland was done, but never the less, I used them and it worked out just fine. The Maxi-Cosi actually worked out great because the car seat just clicked on it.

So when we found out we were expecting number three, we had to get a new stroller… I did sooo much research.. and it took a very long time before I decided that the Bumbleride was the stroller to be. Even bought a BOB at first but found out after the fact that it wouldn’t work with the car seat, and I would have been damned if I would get a new car seat just because of the stroller.

IMG_5996 (1)IMG_5994 (1)







So I made up my mind and after having it in the shopping cart, on the Babies r Us website for a number of weeks I finally took the plunge. Yes, I could have went to a Buy Buy Baby, but at the time they didn’t have it (only the single). I could have ordered from a number of other online retailers like Diapers.com, Albee Baby, or Pish Posh Baby, but Babies r Us did not charge a bulk delivery fee and I was able to count this towards my registry.

I love it! It was kinda crazy at first because #3 wasn’t here yet and I used it with #2. I didn’t buy the basinet at first, but after a couple of months decided that would be better for her and would help keep her brother away.


IMG_5995 (1)


Anyways here are our pros and cons:


  • Maneuvers fantastic in store and on hikes/walks
  • not as big as other double strollers, fits through one side of a store door (big plus when alone)
  • easy to clean
  • kids sit very comfortable
  • useable with infants (without the carrycot/bassinet)
  • fantastic sun canopy, covers exceptionally well
  • material is UV protected
  • Shoulder straps on the five point harness can also be released for only a lap belt (great when the kids get older)
  • Adjustable push handle


  • takes up a lot of space in the car (then again, it is a double stroller)
  • when using a car sear adapter you have to maneuver the cloth out of the way to attach the adapter, if you purchase the adapter for your specific carseat and the carseat adapter must be taken off to fold the stroller
  • velcro scratched the toddler (we just removed the patch)
  • it is not to easy to unfold, I have figured out a way to make sure all for wheels are on the floor first and then just lift the rest. but it is not as easy as I would like it to be
  • screws and nuts easily become lose (have lost a few parts)
  • the lifting straps are wearing under the weight of the stroller (mind you it is taken in and out of the car a couple of times daily)
  • buttons to adjust foot rests on both sides are tucked under making it hard to lower

Overall it is a stroller I would highly recommend. There are no issues taking it anywhere like stores and walking trails (unless you are in a very small retail store); the kids are very comfortable in it; and although it is a double stroller its easy to move around. I love walking the kids in it and going for a hike and or run. I even use it at the grocery store because it is easier than using a cart. The stroller is also easy to jog with and the added weight of the kids provides more resistance ;).

Either way, this is what we think. Everyone has their own preferences, so please do your research and if possible try them out at the baby supplies stores. Strollers and all other baby stuff costs enough as it is, so make sure you are going to be happy with your purchase.

I added some pictures to the bottom of this, I am not a profesional photographer, but please feel free to ask any more questions and or concerns you might have.


IMG_5987 (1)sun canopy almost all the way down. Our toddler is completely covered, it is fantastic!

IMG_5989 (1)

IMG_5986 (1)IMG_5988 (1)Car seat adaptor for a Maxi Cosi Mico car seat. Our youngest doesn’t like it, she prefers the bassinet/carrycot, but it makes is easier sometimes when you just have to run in.


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