Food Choices

We decided that with all the fruit we usually ‘throw’ away, and how easy my sister made it look, to try and make our own foods. For our youngest that was easy because she is just starting out. For her it will be small amounts, so doesn’t take that much to make it.


Well going to Walmart and Target for fruit pouches for our middle one, cut into the budget (or lack their of) like crazy. It is so convieniant but boy is it expensive when I can make it myself. So we are trying! Does this mean I will never ever buy a fruit pouch again? absolutely NOT. Those things are always handy to have when you are at the zoo and or anywhere ‘on the go’.

When our oldest was able to eat them, they where not a big thing yet, so you had some here and there. Then we found them at Trader Joe’s even. So ever since, we have been hooked. I even put them in her lunch box till this day.

But the other day we started making our own. I did super ripe bananas, apples, and even blueberries. Mashed them smooth with the hand blender. Then I put them in Ice Cube makers (The Dollar Tree) and voila, we have our own.. Then it hit me why I don’t also do it for our sons breakfast, I mean what is the difference. Would he eat it ? I don’t know, only one way to find out… So I put together Bananas (frozen from the freezer), greek yoghurt and some oatmeal. Well he wanted more, so I would say that was a hit!


Now i’m thinking of buying those reuseable fruit pouch makers… Never have I had them so I will look into it. That just makes it easy on school mornings, and less messy. Either way we will do our research and go from there.

Soon I will start on the veggies, I just need to make some room in the freezer ;). Luckily for me my kids LOVE fruits and veggies. Meat is what I have to force, but that doesn’t bother me as much.

Lunch is the hardest for me, our oldest will eat a broodje, a sandwhich with just jelly or cheese for example, but our middle one has not ventured out on that yet… Heck I finally got the oldest to eat all of it. But with Minnie and pinguin cutter in hand we will try :).


As always feel free to leave suggestions and or ideas, like everyone else it is trial and error :).

Peace and chicken nuggets!




  1. Laat hem ‘zelf’ smeren! Misschien vind hij het dan interessant. Die plastic messen van Ikea zijn ideaal. Als hij jullie, en de oudste ook ziet smeren hoort hij er bij. De kleintjes op mijn groep smeren ook zelf.


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