Hot Wheels

Sorry for my hiatus from the blog, I’ve been swamped. But my wife has done a great job keeping the posting up!

So today while we were getting some groceries at Kroger, we came across a whole display of Hot Wheels. So my childhood instinct kind of kicked in and we ended up getting our son two of them. We get home and get them out of the packaging and to my surprise the body is still made of metal. We had a few hours of fun with the cars when we got home. Ok, ok, I’ll admit it… I had a lot of fun with them!


Now after thinking about it, it is amazing what we can get our kids that we also had as kids. I have taken some time just to browse for a few on Toy “R” Us. There is a great variety of Tonka Trucks available. I can remember there only being a handful of trucks that were available when I was a kid. Another plus is that these are still made of steel!

Another is the bright red Radio Flyer wagon and tricycle. Yes, you can still get both made from metal! There are so many other awesome things that you can get like a red wheelbarrow.  I was also able to find the John Deere Mighty Tricycle, a personal favorite!


Some items have, unfortunately, gone through some cosmetic changes. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures of today are quite different and in my opinion quite freaky and some are too anime. But the action figures have also came a long way. I remember some of my WWF, or now WWE, action figures were fixed in one position or only had one rage of moment in the legs and arms (up and down). Now most of them have hinges in the knees and elbows, along with shoulder joints that can twist and move in almost every direction.

I know we would like to complain about the quality of the toys today when we think back to what we can remember of what we had. I would agree that plastic has became the material of choice for a majority if toys we see, but the technology that has went in to making these toys is quite amazing! I know I’ll be quite excited sitting around the Christmas tree with the kids, hoping to get my hands on the toys!

Until next time!


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