For many this name has no or little meaning. To me it means everything.  As much as all my children’s names, because Kate, well she is my niece.  I don’t remember the date, I just remember the excitement when my sister sent me a picture of a positive pregnancy test! So much excitement and tears of joy. Finally she is going to be a mother!

Words cannot describe how much joy a person can feel when they become an aunt. To know that your sister or brother is going to be a parent. Whether or not you are a parent yourself, the joy is tremendous.  There was also a lot of sadness, once it hit me I wouldn’t be able be there when Kate was born.

I always knew it was hard for my sister to not be here when my kids were born, and be part of the pregnancy, but it shocked me at the pain I felt when I was on her side for once. Your heart just hurts and there is nothing you can do about it.  It sucks!

But life goes on and we were going to see her for her wedding, and see her ‘big’ belly and everything, so that took the sting out (just a little). While we were there we found out she was going to have a girl, it was so much fun to see her on the ultrasound, and this time it wasn’t me! My niece moving around in there, stomping away, I was so proud!


Luckily for us they came back to the US with us and have their honeymoon here. After that though I wouldn’t see her anymore, except on FaceTime. Keeping my fingers crossed that by some miracle I would be able to go to them once Kate was born. That miracle never happened.

My sister texted me when her water broke and I pretty much kept getting updates until Kate was born. She was here, and more gorgeous than I could have imagined. Beautiful dark hair and big eyes that went straight  to my heart. My pretty little niece. I am your Tante. I am going to love you forever and spoil you as much as I possibly can!


Now she sees any of us on FaceTime and she just smiles and ‘talks’. Still as gorgeous as ever. The kids love seeing each other and I love that we are able to stay in touch this way and bond as much as that is possible.  It still hurts knowing I haven’t squeezed her yet, or gave her kisses and hugs. But lucky for me my sister managed to perform a miracle and her, Kate and the brother in law will be here for 3 whole weeks this summer!!

I couldn’t be more excited, and am counting down the days for them to walk up the escalator at the airport. We will be there most likely the only people crying their eye balls out, because that is what we do, and smiling bigger then ever before!

See you very soon!

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!



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