Ikea High Chair review (Antilop)

IKEA Antilop Highchair


IKEA Antilop Highchair

We have had this highchair for close to 6 years now. It is great! We bought it for the oldest and then another one for at the grandparents. So far both kids have used/use it and it works out great.

There is no cloth so no need to  use the washing machine, when it gets dirty. It is either just wipe and go or in severe cases rinse it off in the sink. Some people even rinse it outside with the garden hose. Lucky for me it has not gotten that bad yet :).

At the beginning you have the option of putting the cushion in it to hold them up right. This does have a cloth cover, but you could opt out of that. With our middle one we used it for maybe a couple weeks, granted he was a giant.



Insert for IKEA highchair

So the pros and cons:


  • easy to clean
  • not as bulky
  • It can easily be taken apart, so taking it with you is possible.
  • Buckles, to keep your child safely in it.
  • table height, the child sits with you at the table instead of further away. They are able to interact better with everyone at the table this way.


  • the white one does stain when eating pasta, etc. Not to terrible for me, but if you are particular about that it could be a problem
  • it is not that easy to remove the table part, so cleaning in the creases is a little difficult.
  • easy to tremble over, I can not count how many times we have stubbed our toes on it. (This is with any highchair in my experience)

We like this highchair and have recomended it to many, they cost $19.99 with the table cover and you just can not beat that deal. We will use it for the youngest here in a couple of weeks as well :).


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