Becoming a family of 5

Becoming a family of 5.

A little over 3 months ago we became parents for the third time. For 9 months I anticipated how we were going to do it with 3, 2 under 2. Would this child feel appreciated enough, because it’s brother and sister took up enough time already. Between the temper tantrums that can last 2 hours and the constant Mama’s and Daddy’s, I didn’t think we had. Oh and did I mention we have a dog… I will leave that subject for a different blog.

My husband kept telling me, don’t worry the baby will be fine. It won’t know any different and will love all of us no matter what. Well right now he can give me a big, fat ‘I told you so!’. He won’t because it won’t be in his benefit haha. I could blame it on the pregnancy hormones, or pregnancy in general, but I have to admit I worry/think about these kind of things all-the-time!

To kind of get back on track with this blog; becoming a family of 5. It was not planned! I hate when people say it as though the kids are not welcome, definitely not the case, it just was not on our Things To Do list. We just had our second and I mean he was easy, mainly I think because there is a bigger age gap. The oldest  was out of diapers, no bottles, able to get in the car by herself, buckle herself in, I mean self sufficient as much as possible.

We were enjoying being a family of 4, it was super fast because little man was a giant. Ate everything from a very early age and was off the bottle by 11,5 months. I mean at that age he was already in 2T clothing! So all was good and we adjusted well then Boom: Pregnant! Total shock, let me tell you. I kept saying; ‘ I can have 10 of these’, well Karma thought so as well :P.

Then the thoughts of : Well maybe the tests (read 8 or so) are wrong? We will have to see the Doctor and he will tell us they were. No big deal, must still be ‘left over hormones’. I mean seriously I made up every excuse I could think of, and there were A LOT! That god awful morning sickness was ‘just a bug’. Well that was not the case. I was pregnant, again, mom of 3, OM*G, H E L P! My Doctor had a good laugh.

My main thought was actually what was my sister going to think? She was pregnant with Kate. Boy were we excited when she got pregnant. A little girl none the less. She has been a huge part in our oldest life and I couldn’t wait to be in her oldest. Would she think I am trying to steal her thunder sort of speak. I mean seriously I already had two. I was so nervous about it, I texted her this time instead of FaceTime.

Did I mention she lives half a globe away? Yeah… it sucks big time! Airplane tickets are ridiculous for anyone.  So till this day I have yet to hold my niece. Thank god for FaceTime! (This will also be good material for another blog!) Anyways, she was the sister she always is and couldn’t be more excited. Our kids are super lucky to have her as Tante (Aunt).


Well we made a picture and sent it to everyone else and really kept it low profile. Not because the baby was not welcome but it was kind of a nice thing to have to ourselves. Lately everything is everywhere so we decided to keep it close. We also decided that we would make this surprise baby and even bigger surprise, by not finding out its sex.  This was a lot easier than I thought to be honest. We had all the stuff for either sex so why not?

Pregnancy this time was not any easier, lots of morning sickness, everything hurt and the final months where brutal with contractions none stop. But I will blog about pregnancy some other time, maybe. After a very quick active labor, SHE was here.  Healthy and screaming at the top of her lungs, we couldn’t be prouder.

Now she is just part of the mix, like she has always been here. It is amazing to see how fast you just adjust. She has an amazing brother and sister that are very protective of her and love her to death. I love seeing all my kids together and interact with each other. Life maybe turned upside down right now, but those 3 sure make it better and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

As always, Peace and Chicken Nuggets!



  1. We always said we wanted to be pregnant together, even if we do live half a globe apart! Loved to share my thunder with you and can’t wait to come over and exchange baby’s! Love you Dutchie x


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