First post

Where to begin…

There is so much I want to write about, yet how do I begin? The main subject of this blog today is to give an introduction of sorts. I wanted to start off our website with my side of things, the ‘mommy side.’ I’ll leave the ‘daddy side’ to the husband.

I have never, in my entire life, been a good writer; talking I can do like nobody’s business, but writing is not my strong suit. I write like I talk, going from one subject to another and then back again and start a whole new subject in between. So I apologize if you cannot follow ‘my side’. You might like the husbands ‘side’ better ;). We decided to start a blog because well my sister started one (note: for the people that can read Dutch go to or use Google translator :P) we love reading her’s so why not?

So as stated we are parents to 3 kiddos, aged six, one and three months. They are fantastic, sweet, kind, and at any given time of day they can make my blood boil. Sounds like parenthood right? I think so or at least it is my ‘normal.’ That’s what most of my posts will be about. There is nothing I like more than reading what someone’s child did, especially if it is something that I could have sworn only mine did, and that they have the same reaction I did. So writing about these adventures with our kids and trying to come out the best way possible will be great therapy for me and hopefully entertaining for you.

Slowly but surely I will cover everything I already want to put in this post, could be about the kids, the dog or even the husband. Feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions, but most of all just enjoy.

Peace and Chicken Nuggets!



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